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Laboratories in Switzerland created O-DERMA.With its high guality,this cream offers the possibility of unique ,strengthened anti-wrinkle effect ,higher protection and  optimal nutritional value.
Revolutionary formula ,both for men and women of a new generation,looking for effectiveness and uniqueness.A new generation formula known for its high doses active ingredients.


Fully natural product!
Rich,dense cream for maximum comfort.Enriched with nutritive,hydrating and soothing
ingredients,the cream combines the unique qualities of its natural ingredients with snail extract and botanical oils.

Ideal to use as morning cream,aiming at long-lasting comfort and maximum protection and/or as night cream because of its strong regenerating functions.
O-DERMA should be used on the neck too ,because the aging marks are not limited to the surface of the face only.

Incredibly rich and comforting cream.

50ml unique box made of real wood.


O-DERMA skin-care products are developed for both women and men who would like to keep their skin radiant and young and who care for the real results of the skin-care products they are using.

Inspired by the most effective dermatological procedures and surgery techniques,the laboratories in Switzeland offer innovative filling systems combining clean snail extract with a great combination of natural ingredients.

The secretion of the snail contains 7 valuable bio-active substances – cordianine,collagen,protein,elastin,vitamins,natural anibiotics and  glycol acid.

CORDIANINE – speeds up the forming of collagen and rejuvenates the skin.Soothes and counteracts the inflammations.The antioxidant slows down the untimely aging of the skin and activates the natural healing processes.

GLICOL ACID – tenderly removes the dead cells which block the pores.It goes through the wall of the cell and helps the hydration of the skin.

ANTIBIOTICS – the secretion of the snail has specific antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.It destroys the bacterias of esherihia coli,staphylococcus and acne which often cause inflammations.The natural antibiotic is more effective than the medicines to which people often develop resistance.

VITAMINES – the secretion of snails is not only rich in proteins but in vitamins A,C,E as well.They protect,enrich and soften up the skin.Vitamine A strengthens tne cell membrane.Vitamine E is a powerful antioxidant which diminishes water loss from the cells.

COLLAGEN AND ELASTINE – provide the skin with the basic compnents of the connective tissue.The collagen maintains the wholeness of the skin.It is known that the young skin contains a great deal of soluble collagen which retains water and prevents the forming of wrinkles.Unfortunately its quantity diminishes.The additional supply of elastine maintains tne tonus and turgor of the skinn.

The scientific research,published in the magazine of the International Dermatological Association,showed the regenerative potencial of he secretion of the snail and its effect on human skin (  Skin Pharmacology and Physiology ,January 2008, 21 15-22).

It turned out that the snail (Helix pomatia) has incredible regenerating properties and according to this research the substance which this snails secretes protects them from the free radicals,pollution of the environment and UV rays.That is why snails never suffer from skin infections,even when crawling on rough and polluted surface.


When the snail serum touches the fibriblasts it raises the proliferation and the functional capacity of these cells.Tne fibroblasts are responsible for the production of all the elements of the skin matrix,including collagene,elastine fibres,glucosamineglicants and proteoglicants.The last two ensure the strength,suppleness and resilience of the skin,retaining water in it.


Maintains the health of the skin and improves its functions due to the antioxidants it contains.
Has a preventive effect on and removes scars even from bad acne
Soothes sun burnts,prevents the photo aging and the forming of wrikles.
Speeds up the renovation of damaged tissues
Opens blocked pores
Regenerates skin suppleness
Prevants from and removes strias
Helps the skin to cope with acne

SNAIL SECRETION – this natural balm,rich in alantoin,natural proteins,vitamins,collagene,elastine and glycol acid can be considered as hypoalergic,non irritating the skin and suitable for people with sensitive skin,turning red when in contact with retinoids or alfahydroxi acids.

Furthermore,the snail secretion is not only effective but it is also  harmless cosmetics because of its full compatibility with the living cells.The products with snail secretion offer an entirely new approach to skin care.It is now possible to use these high quality medicinal creams which penetrate into the skin quickly and activate the melting of the injured tissues(skars) improving at the same time the natural regeneration of the skin and the cell tunover  in a balanced,complete way.

Hippocrates himself – The Father of medicine,discovered other applications of the snails aside from the treatment of  stomach and intestinal disorder.Experimenting with snail secretion,Hippocrates noticed that the secretion has medical properties treating inflammation of the skin..Using it for a long time diminishes the wrinkles on the face and the skin becomes clear and bright.

It is well known today that the snail extract has  exceptional regenerating properties and  anti-inflammatory effect.It actvates cell metabplism,humidifies,softens and soothes the skin,raises the skin resistance functions,improves its elasticity.removes wrikles and scars,relieves burns,acne and srtias,having an epithelial effct –stimulating new cell formation.It intensifies the lymph flow,relieves and stimulates the healing of running wounds and  fractures.it acts as a powerful antibiotic.against skin infection agents.To sum it up,this is the perfect antioxidant which maintains the skin young and beautiful!Impressive,isn’t it?


What is it that snails contain?At first glance the formula is puzzled out – alantoin.collagen,glycol acid,amino acid,mineral substances,vitamins – A,C and E,coenzymes,protein complex – a nmber of amino acids,natural antibiotics and immunomodulators.A small natural medicine kit.Everything seems well known,but the experiments to copy and create an artificial extract,artificial cosmetiks,are a failure.These creams are not effective Evidently something is missing..The invisible and unknown force is missing.The vitality of the natural products which entangles the known and unknown,which makes harmonious and powerful cosmetics with healing effect is missing, too.The snail produces a  big quantity of secretion,thus making their movements easier and smoother.You must have noticed that snails go through all kinds of obstacles – stones,thorn-bushes even boken glass?But have you ever seen snails with wounds on their skin?No,you haven’t and you will never see.How can the snail esxtract and the snail secretion make human skin better and more beautiful?It is common knowledge that both snail secretion and human saliva have similar basic component – mucin.The rich and balanced number of natural substances in snails and the similarities in the protein structure of the skin,make snail secretion and the snail extract  as effective on people as it is on snails themselves.